Google Search comes with a built-in guitar tuner

Google has added a new tool to its search that lets users tune their guitars. Google Search will easily tune a stringed instrument using the microphone on your smartphone. The new built-in tuner works similar to any other guitar tuning app available on various app stores.


Instead of just sending people to websites for simple answers, Google Search now offers built-in features that provide you with the answers you need right on the search results page. You can, for example, convert currencies or units, compute figures, look up city weather, and so on.


The need to buy a guitar tuner or download an app is long gone now that Google Search has its own built-in tuner.


Simply type “Google tuner” into the search bar to access the tool. The interface has a microphone button, and after playing a tune, it will tell you if it has to be adjusted up or down. Guitarists usually have their own guitar tuner, but if you need to tune your guitar on the go and don’t have one with you, this feature will come in handy.


This feature isn’t quite new; Google Assistant already has something similar built in, but if you don’t want to use Google Assistant, this is a fantastic alternative.


Android Police was the first to notice the latest feature’s rollout. According to the report, Google debuted the feature on Thursday, October 7. The tuner’s design is familiar, and it functions similarly to any other guitar tuner app available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. When a user plays a string on their guitar, the tuner picks up the note rapidly and offers advice for tightening or loosening the string.


Users must grant Google permission to access their device’s microphone. The quality of the microphone will determine the output from the guitar tuner.


This follows Google’s addition of search filters to Gmail on Android. Users may simply filter search results on their mobile devices with this capability. On the Gmail app, the search filters should appear below the search box. A name or a certain timeframe might be used as a filter.


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