Google Work Profile offers big relief for Android users

The Google Work Profile app will soon be available to a larger number of people. They would be able to achieve a better work-life balance by using their smartphones.


Most firms were compelled to adopt a work-from-home (WFH) strategy, while others adopted hybrid working methods as a result of the new coronavirus outbreak. With remote working becoming the new normal, work hours have blurred and people all over the world are fighting to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Google is attempting to assist users in this regard by making its Work Profile tool available to all users worldwide. Work Profile will eventually be expanded to include anyone with an Android phone who will be able to turn off their business apps with a single button, according to the company.


According to the company, its Work Profile feature will be available to users next year as part of Google Workspace. For those who haven’t used the Work Profile tool, it is the company’s built-in service on all modern Android phones that allows users to add their company’s email apps to their personal phone, with the option to fully turn off such apps with a single button.


The Work Profiles feature on Android may currently be turned on only by a firm that maintains devices, but Google has promised that the tool would be made available to more consumers in 2022. Work Profile will eventually be broadened so that everyone with an Android phone will be able to turn off their business apps with a single button, according to the company. The feature may also be useful when using two versions of the same app, such as WhatsApp.


Users can also access work apps on their personal devices with the Google Work Profiles feature, without needing to give the company access to their personal files and data. These apps’ data and operations are stored in a separate part that may be turned off at any time, allowing them to utilise their other personal apps.


The future support does not appear to be related to Android 12, according to 9to5Google, and Google is anticipated to provide more information about the feature at a later date.


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