Google’s ‘Q&A’ search feature will be discontinued by June 30: Report

After two months, Google’s “Question & Answers” feature, a never-ending section of Quora-like fast info snippets that were so common on numerous search results pages, is reportedly set to be retired.


According to Android Police, Google plans to unplug the feature that displayed answers to questions that were relevant to the search term by June 30.


The company’s support page for the topic has been modified to remind users that the feature will be removed on that date.


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The function seemed to have been introduced just a few years ago. Tapping or clicking on one of the questions or answers usually allows the user to view the list between search results with a few more “related questions” and answers below them.


Google also appears to have allowed publishers to respond to user-posted questions.


Although the report implies that Google created the feature specifically for the Indian market, the company’s own website does not list it as an India-specific feature.


You will pose and answer questions about what you’re looking for on Google Search. Contributions to Google Search do not function in all languages or in all countries/regions, according to Google’s own documents.



However, derived from the experience, the questions and answers might not always yield the best results.


Google also allows users to pose and answer questions from the website as well as the Google app on their smartphones.


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