Grammarly available for Samsung’s Android devices

Grammarly is one of the most popular and advanced writing helpers that can help you not only correct errors but also improve your writing style, and it’s already available on the majority of platforms.

The tool will be available on Samsung keyboards starting November 15 thanks to direct integration in OneUI 4.0 and later.

In other words, if you use Samsung’s own keyboard on a smartphone running this version of OneUI, the keyboard will be enabled by default, and it will check your writing for errors.

“To celebrate our partnership, Grammarly is offering a free 90-day trial of Grammarly Premium to qualified Samsung users. Upon activating the trial through your eligible Samsung device, Grammarly Premium access is available on any device, including your phone, iPad, or desktop computer—just sign into your Grammarly account,” Grammarly announced today.

Grammarly Premium includes a wide range of suggestions that go beyond grammar to help you improve your vocabulary, tone, and other aspects of your writing. Premium ideas can help you change your formality level while writing to colleagues or customers to ensure you sound polite and professional. Grammarly Premium also gives fluency advice targeted to diverse language backgrounds for multilingual speakers writing in English.

Samsung has announced that the new feature will be available to users next month as part of a software update for the phone.

Those who want to check out the Premium version can do so by going to the Samsung Keyboard settings screen and enabling the trial.

The keyboard will initially only be available on the Samsung Galaxy S21, but it’ll only be a matter of time before it’s available on additional smartphones. Both companies are already planning an expansion, with new models coming out in the next months.

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