Haute-Loire. A 400 km cycling challenge in Tence to promote bone marrow donation

400 km, 150 cyclists, 7 refreshments and 5000 m elevation gain: a real challenge to promote bone marrow donation. To move towards its communication goals to promote registration in “bodyguards” for bone marrow donation and to promote the acceptance and integration of disability in all its forms, Sapaudia Auvergne, through its President Eric Digonnet, is organizing a 400 km cycling challenge in June 2021.

To challenge, raise awareness and recruit, participants in this cycling challenge will participate in an exceptional event due to the length of the course, the intensity of the effort and the commitment to leave, walk and get together.

The program

The departure will take place on Thursday 24 June at 9.30 from Tence for an arrival Friday 25. June at the end of the day in Tence. Or a journey of more than 30 hours by bicycle “non-stop” (with supplies) to complete a loop that will cross, among others, the cities of Puy-en-Velay, Brioude, La-Chaise-Dieu …

A real challenge for people with disabilities, around 150 will participate, including many tandems.

Flawless safety will be provided: motorcycles, cars, foot marshals and tutors will change 400 km of the track to ensure the safety of participants. Doctors and security personnel will be present in the organization.

To become a partner

Organizing this challenge represents a significant budget, which an association, such as La Sapaudia Auvergne, cannot undertake alone. It gives maximum priority to nature contributions, whether in the form of volunteering, services or donations. It is obvious that neither Sap’Auvergne nor public authorities are currently able to commit to the feasibility of such an event, after all, the organizers have decided to maintain it.

Depending on the health situation in June, Sapaudia Auvergne will take all necessary measures to guarantee total safety.

You will register for the cycling challenge, be a supervisor, become a partner of the event or have more information about the measures that have been initiated: just go to the website https://sapauvergne.fr.

Registrations are open until 28 February for cycling participants and until 30 April for voluntary registrations.

Information: contact: 06 27 87 69 96 or contact@lasapaudia-auvergne.fr