Haute-Loire. A senior housing project in the former Cheynet factory in Saint-Just-Malmont

Lots of asbestos removal

It is at the historic site of the Cheynet factory that the municipality launches a project for an independent senior housing for around twenty people.

The latter can be integrated into the recovery plan that the state has opened. It is a plot of 2800 m² with covered buildings, on several levels, which belong to the municipality. It is located right in the center, rue de Firminy.

This industrial wasteland had been abandoned for twenty years. The idea is to keep the stone building and demolish the rest. The concern, the removal of asbestos. Therefore, the interest in applying for subsidies (region, department, municipal community, etc.) is for pollution and demolition.

The bill could quickly reach several hundred thousand euros. When it comes to management, the municipality will get closer to a private operator who takes care of the retirement home.

For Frédéric Girodet, “it is not the purpose of the town hall to manage this type of housing”. On the other hand, it should keep control of the rental price.