Health Service Executive IT system shut down suffers a major ransomware attack

Following a “significant ransomware attack,” Ireland’s Health Service Executive has temporarily shut down its IT infrastructure.


The health organization announced that it had shut down its systems as a precaution and to allow them to evaluate the situation.


All in Ireland can use the HSE’s public health and social care facilities.


Due to the Health Service Executive ransomware attack, most outpatient appointments at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital were cancelled today.


Unless expectant mothers are 36 weeks pregnant or older, all outpatient appointments at the maternity hospital have been cancelled.


Today’s gynecology services have also been cancelled.


Those with pressing issues, on the other hand, are welcome to attend as usual.


After Health Service Executive suffered a ransomware attack, HSE has apologized to patients and the general public, and has stated that Covid-19 vaccinations will take place as scheduled.


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Prof Fergal Malone, the Rotunda Hospital’s master, said on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that the ransomware attack was discovered during the night and that it had infected all of the hospital’s computer systems and records.


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Source: BleepingComputer (Conti Health Service Executive ransom note)


He believes it has impacted other hospitals as well.


They tend to use a popular method for registering patients across the HSE, and it appears to be the entry point or source.


They had to shut down all of their computer systems because of this.


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All of the patients are healthy, and the hospital has backup plans in place in case the paper-based system fails.


However, this will slow down the intake of patients, which is why they are now restricting the number of people who attend appointments.


Prof Malone has stated that all life-saving equipment is functioning normally, and that the computers containing medical records have been damaged by the attack.


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However, the length of time it would take to resolve the problem is unknown at this time.


A team has been formed to investigate and address the issue.