How to get Signal’s Note to Self feature on WhatsApp

Signal includes a handy ‘Note to Self’ feature that allows users to send themselves messages, photographs, videos, and other files. However, WhatsApp does not include this feature. Worry not, in this article you’ll learn how you get Signal’s Note to Self feature in WhatsApp too.


With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app on the planet. The platform, which launched in 2009, has grown tremendously, adding plenty of additional features to let users better communicate with their contacts. However, there are some features that the service lacks that other messaging services like Telegram and Signal have. Signal’s ‘Note to Self’ feature allows users to forward messages, photographs, videos, and other stuff to themselves.


The Note to Self feature can be useful when you want to quickly discover something you sent to yourself days ago, rather than digging into older chats and trying to find the specific message. Although WhatsApp has a Starred Messages feature that provides features similar, it only works for messages that have already been sent or received. Users can type a message that will be saved as a message that can be referred to later, such as a shopping list or a to-do list, using Note to Self.


Since WhatsApp does not now allow you to message yourself, there are two ways to mimic the similar Note to Self feature on the WhatsApp. To get started, here’s what you can do:


Method 1: Using a WhatsApp group

1. Create a WhatsApp group and add any friend you want, obviously after getting their permission.


2. Next, go to the group’s member list and remove your friend from the group.


3. Rename the group “Reminders” or “Bookmarks,” or whatever you want, and pin it to the chat list for quick access.


Method 2: Send yourself a WhatsApp message using a computer

1. Open Google Chrome or your preferred browser and then go to the address bar.


2. Type (add your WhatsApp number) into the address bar and hit enter.


3. When you click the confirmation notification, WhatsApp will open a “chat” with your phone number.


4. After sending a message, go to the main chat list and “pin” the chat to the top for easy access.


Using these two methods, you can send a ‘Note to Self’ in WhatsApp too.



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