How to Hide the MacBook Pro notch for free

Apple is known for its attention to detail and high-quality designs, yet even a well-respected corporation like Apple is not immune to making controversial design decisions.


One of Apple’s most divisive decisions was to add a notch to the iPhone and utilise it to house the selfie camera; it was a decision that was adored and disliked in almost equal proportion.


The same notch has landed on Apple’s top-end laptops with the recent debut of the new MacBook Pro, polarising fans once again. If you despise the notch, there are certain actions you can do to conceal it.


Of course, because the notch is a physical component, it cannot be removed. However, if you find the black wedge distracting, you can make it appear much more subtle and effectively hide it from view.


Unfortunately, Apple did not see fit to include this feature in macOS, so you’ll have to rely on third-party alternatives instead. TopNotch, a free tool that, according to its creators, “makes the notch disappear like a ninja,” is one such solution.


It’s comparable to other iPhone apps in that it hides the notch so well that it’s almost unnoticed. Rather of transforming a camera notch into something useful, like a battery metre, as some Android apps do, TopNotch keeps the menu bar black so you don’t notice the notch.


Spaces, multiple displays, and rounded wallpaper corners are all supported, but this is a simple tool that gets the job done.


More information and a free copy of TopNotch can be found here.


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