“I urge caution,” warns Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, urged the French to be careful when booking and traveling for the February holidays.

The virus is permanently unexpected

“The virus is the permanent unexpected, the permanent uncertainty,” he warned at BFM Business this Friday morning. “I know it’s very uncomfortable, and for a sector like tourism it’s even a big problem because it needs predictability to organize the schedules according to the reservations.”

We are at a time when certain indicators are rising

“Be careful, we are at a time when certain indicators are coming up, we will take a closer look in a few days, and I therefore urge caution. The French, we have seen it in recent months, expect given this uncertainty, they have adapted themselves, most of the time with ultra last minute bookings, “said the Secretary of State for Tourism.

A few weeks ago, the Secretary of State invited the French, who had already booked for the February holidays, not to cancel.