In an Unprecedented Event, FBI Raids Trump’s Residence

Former US President Donald Trump has said that his home in Florida has been “raided” by the FBI.

The former president was not present at his residence at the time of the raid.

Neither the FBI nor a US Justice Department has made any remarks on the raids at Trump‘s house.

The search, as approved by the judge and different from the politically loaded term raid was unprecedented and this was the first time a former US president’s home was searched by the FBI, not even Richard Nixon, who left the presidential office in disgrace over the Watergate scandal.

The legal experts remark that a search of this kind has to be cleared by a federal judge on to essential grounds. One, there is probable cause that a federal crime has been committed and is being investigated and that, too, related evidence is stored at the site of the search. The raid is expected to be in connection to Trump’s mishandling of official records from his presidential term.

He is reported to have not only carried away 15 boxes of official documents that he should have left for official records but also for destroying documents by flushing them in the toilet.

The FBI also searched the premises of a former Justice Department official, who participated and helped Trump, and additionally seized the phone of a right-wing lawyer, who is widely believed to have motivated the former president to challenge the outcome by offering him constitutional cover.