in Ile-de-France, 11 confirmed cases of the English variant, around 40 suspected cases

8:58: “The variant expands if nothing is done”

“I am very concerned about this English variant,” Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council, told Franceinfo on Wednesday morning.

He spoke of “a race of speed” in the face of the “inevitable appearance” of the British variant in France.

He assures us: “In any case, we will have an extension of the English version if measures are not implemented”.

But he also indicates that “France is in a paradoxical situation” with numbers that do not explode. He had indicated on Tuesday night on TF1 that “we are not in an extreme emergency”.

?️ Covid-19: “The current situation is paradoxical,” said Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council. “We have a France that is better than all European countries, but the numbers are stagnating.”

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– franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 13, 2021

8:40: In Ile-de-France confirmed 11 cases of the English variant

Aurélien Rousseau, director of the Regional Health Agency of Ile-de-France, told BFMTV this Wednesday morning that there are “11 confirmed cases of the English variant and around forty suspected cases in Ile-de-France. France”.

Aurélien Rousseau (@aur_rousseau), director of ARS Île-de-France on the English variant: “11 cases have been confirmed” and “around forty are suspected” in the region

– BFMTV (@BFMTV) January 13, 2021

8:38: “This virus is more contagious, so it will gain ground”

Infection specialist Catherine Hill, a guest at LCI this Wednesday morning, regrets that in France on the British variant “we do not sequence much, this virus is more contagious, so it will gain ground”.

And to remember: “We do not test enough, the virus continues to circulate in secret with the asymptomatic”.

Catherine Hill also believes that leaving schools open, when it comes to health, “is not very good. Schools are good at getting polluted,” she emphasizes.

7.55: Hotel and restaurant suppliers call for help

Beverage wholesalers and other hotel and catering suppliers, “shadow merchants” also ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, will have the same help as cafes, restaurants and hotels, because the loss is the same strength and the horizon remains dark.

However, these suppliers do not benefit from the same state aid and are currently “in danger” with the first half of 2021 promising to be gloomy.

The Solidarity Fund will be expanded to benefit especially wholesale food and beverage businesses, wine producers or tourist homes, said Minister of Economic Affairs Bruno Le Maire on Tuesday and promised an impending announcement.

Economic activity barely recovered in December

Economic activity improved sharply in December in France, with a gap reduced to -7% compared to the pre-crisis situation, after -11% in November, but this recovery will experience a break in January, according to data released on Wednesday by the Banque de France .

Despite this slight improvement in December compared to the previous estimate of -8%, the French central bank confirmed its forecast of a GDP decline of 4% in the last quarter of 2020 and 9% for the full year. 2020, according to the monthly economic survey.

7:52: Second wave of Covid-19 in Peru

Peru is experiencing a new wave of Covid-19 with a sharp increase in recent days in registered cases of pollution. The country has seen a significant increase in the number of cases and deaths associated with coronavirus since mid-December. The number of hospital admissions has increased sharply in the last five weeks.

7:49: Overwhelmed, Panama will rent refrigerated containers to store corpses

The Panamanian Ministry of Health is considering renting refrigerated containers to keep the bodies of coronavirus victims due to saturation of hospital bodies in areas most affected by the pandemic, including the capital.

7.45: Mexico could buy 24 million doses of Russian vaccine

Mexico plans to buy 24 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine if it is approved by the country’s health authorities. The fourth most surviving country in the world by Covid-19 (nearly 136,000 died), Mexico was able to “soon vaccinate 12 million people”, because Sputnik V is administered in two injections according to the country’s authorities.

07:16: “We are not in an extreme emergency”

When asked about a possible reconstruction on TF1, Tuesday night, the president of the Scientific Council, Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, was reassuring. “We are not in an extreme emergency,” he declared, “because the numbers are quite paradoxical.” “So let’s leave a few days to look at the consequences of December 31.”

However, he explained that the English variant represented “a potential danger” to trade. “If we do nothing, we will see tens of thousands of this English virus in April,” he warned.

? # Covid19: #confinement, or not containment?

? Pr #Delfraissy: “I have a perception that we are not in an extreme emergency, because the numbers are quite paradoxical”.

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06:56: A variant from Brazil discovered in Japan

Japan will analyze a new variant of coronavirus that was discovered in two adults and two children who arrived in Japan on January 2 from Brazil. The authorities do not yet know whether this variant is more contagious or more dangerous than other variants already identified in the world. Find all the details in our article by clicking on this link.

06:22: Recovery plan in Italy

The Italian government adopted an ambitious stimulus plan of 222.9 billion euros on Tuesday night to start an economy damaged by the coronavirus pandemic. “The Council of Ministers has approved the ‘RecoveryPlan’, the largest investment plan ever launched in Italy,” announced the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri.

6:18: US records a record nearly 4,500 deaths in 24 hours

The United States largely exceeded its previous daily death record on Tuesday, apologizing for 4,470 coronavirus deaths in a single day.

06:15: A new defense council on Wednesday

A health defense council could decide on Wednesday on new measures to limit the increase in coronavirus contamination and meet the most contagious variant, which is beginning to settle in France.

Prime Minister Jean Castex will present the conclusions on Thursday.

Authorities should take stock of this year’s celebration and consider its impact on the Covid-19 epidemic.

Information about the last hours

– The latest figures still show a strong circulation of the virus. Thus, 19,753 new cases of Covid-19 have been registered during the last 24 hours. In addition, 362 patients have died, or 68,802 since the epidemic began. And 2678 patients are currently in intensive care.

– The VOC variant 202012/01, which caused an epidemic outbreak in the UK, accounts for around 1% of positive Covid-19 tests in France, according to the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

– Even if a new inclusion is not on the agenda, the government is ready to take on new health restrictions. Decisions can be made this Wednesday under a health defense council around the head of state at the Elysee Palace, before a new government press conference on Thursday.

Var and Drôme have already joined the list of wards under curfew at 6 pm on Tuesday. They are 25 in this case, and the generalization of this measure throughout the territory is one of the ways in which the government has studied.

– This Friday, 189,834 people have now been vaccinated in France, some 50,000 more in 24 hours. The Minister of Health confirmed the target of one million before the end of January.

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