in La Roseraie we are preparing the vaccination against Covid-19

At the associative, autonomous and independent residence La Roseraie, the first vaccines will be administered in a few weeks. But the time for concentrations before the vaccination began on Tuesday, under the authority of the referring doctors.

“As a director, I want to be vaccinated”

The latter discusses with the inhabitants the nature and type of vaccine, as well as the reasons why it is important to be vaccinated. Residents’ agreement is needed.

For persons under supervision, the supervisor or the designated reliable person will also be consulted. But as the director, Frédérique Bouzart points out, “it seems that a large majority of the population wants to be vaccinated. However, the vaccination will always demand respect for the barrier movements of all the people of La Roseraie ”.

Although the 50 employees in the home are wondering about the vaccine and its side effects, it will be offered to employees over the age of 50 and to those with a certain type of pathology. “I, as director, will be vaccinated,” insists Frédérique Bouzart.

However, the start of the first vaccinations has been suspended following decisions by the Regional Health Agency (ARS). “I wish things would move faster and we would return to a normal situation so that our citizens could see their families, shop and practice pre-pandemic activities.”