In the latest update, Telegram introduces scheduled voice chats, new web apps, and more

Telegram has released a new update with so many new features. Payments 2.0, voice chat scheduling, mini profiles for voice chats, new web versions, and more are among them.


In a blog post, Telegram explained the latest features coming to the messaging app.


This update, which begins with Payments 2.0, adds native support for credit card payments in any chat. Eight third-party payment providers, including Stripe, have been introduced.


This update also allows customers to leave a tip if they make a Telegram purchase.


Payments can be made using any Telegram app, including the desktop version.


Group and channel admins can also schedule voice chats. Telegram can display a colorful countdown before the scheduled voice chat begins, and users can choose to be notified when the voice chat begins.


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Telegram is now using mini profiles to make it easier to see who you’re voice chatting with.


You can now expand profile pictures and bios without leaving the voice chat window with this update.


Telegram has released two new web apps that include animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, and other useful features.


Telegram Web K and Web Z apps are just 400 KB in size and can be used separately.


Pinch to zoom to expand images and videos directly from the chat, as well as an enhanced video player, are among the new features.


To fast-forward or rewind iOS, press and hold the + or – 15s keys.


On Android, you can do the same thing by pressing and holding the right or left side of the phone, or double-tapping to leap 10 seconds in either direction.


For Android users, Telegram has added a direct download feature.


Users will be able to download the app from, and new updates will arrive several days or weeks sooner.


The explanation for this is that Google takes longer to check app changes, according to Telegram’s blog.



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