Indian techie rewarded $30,000 for disclosing bug in Microsoft Azure cloud

An Indian girl discovered a huge flaw in the system and was rewarded for her outstanding achievement.


Microsoft has awarded ethical hacker Aditi Singh a $30,000 bounty for discovering a fault in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.


After discovering a similar flaw in Facebook two months ago, this is Aditi’s second serious bug.


According to a report by India Today, Aditi detected another remote code execution (RCE) problem in Microsoft Azure cloud system.


Aditi identified the RCE bug in Microsoft Azure two months ago, and the firm was told about it as well.


However, the company did not respond right away because it wanted to see if anyone had downloaded the unsafe version of the system, according to the report.


The explanation for the RCE flaw was stated by Aditi. Instead of writing the code manually, she noted, developers should have first downloaded a Node Package Manager.


Aditi was cited as saying, “Developers should write codes only after they have the NPM.”


Aditi also discussed how she became interested in ethical hacking, a field in which she has been working for the past two years.


Her first hacking incident occurred when she was able to gain access to her next-door neighbor’s Wi-Fi password.


When she was studying for the NEET medical entrance exam, she became interested in ethical hacking.


Despite the fact that she did not reach medical school, she discovered vulnerabilities in over 40 companies, including Facebook, TikTok, Microsoft, Mozilla, Paytm, Ethereum, and HP.


Aditi went on to say that discovering an OTP bypass vulnerability in TikTok’s Forgot Password system convinced her that ethical hacking was the way to go.


Aditi also mentioned that those interested in ethical hacking can discover a wealth of information on the internet.


She went on to say that knowing a programming language is required for sophisticated hacking. Aditi also recommended OSCP, an ethical hacking certification course.



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