indicators are stable in the Rhône

There is still some status quo on the side of epidemiological indicators that have stabilized at a high plateau with 898 patients admitted to the Rhône on Wednesday 3 February (+6), including 141 in intensive care (-3). During the last 24 hours, 67 new patients have been admitted to hospital, of which 11 are in intensive care.

After 12 new deaths, the number of patients who have died in hospitals has risen to 2117 since 1 March. Since that date, 10,180 patients have been able to return home (+54).

The incidence remains unchanged at 237.7 / 100,000 in Metropolitan France and 229.7 / 100,000 in the Rhône, for the rolling week of 26 to 31 January, as does the positivity rate of 7.4%.