indicators that are still high in the Rhône

The epidemiological indicators for Covid-19 changed little in the Rhône on 20 January, where 951 patients were still hospitalized (+5), including 127 in intensive care (-4). The number of new patients is still high with 63 new patients admitted in the last 24 hours, including 10 in intensive care.

13 deaths in the last 24 hours

After 13 new deaths, the number of patients who died in hospital in 2066 since March 1. Since that date, 9622 patients have returned home (+40 since Tuesday). The incidence is still high: 214 / 100,000 in the Rhône and 205.5 / 100,000 in Metropolis, for the rolling week of 12 to 17 January. The positivity rate is close to 8% (7.94%).

Influenza still absent

Influenza is still absent, notes Public Health France. Since the start of surveillance in France, only two samples have been tested positive in the city and 13 in the hospital where there are still no serious cases. In nursing homes, 13 episodes of grouped cases of acute respiratory infection were reported, but no cases of influenza were isolated among them.

In the case of bronchiolitis, if there is in fact an increase in consultations with SOS doctors, emergency visits and hospital admissions, “the numbers remain low and much lower than those observed the same week earlier years”, specifies SpF which concludes with “The absence of active circulation of RSV to date on mainland France “.