Instagram Link Stickers rolled out

In June, Instagram began testing a feature called Link Stickers on its platform. The feature was only available to verified users and those with a particular number of followers at the time. After nearly four months, the Facebook-owned image and video sharing network has begun rolling out its Link Sticker feature to all of its users across the world.


If you’re not sure what this feature performs, here’s a quick rundown: Businesses, activists, and content providers can use Instagram Link Stickers to link their products to external sources. According to the company, the feature will benefit a wide range of Instagram users. Link sharing is useful in numerous ways, according to Instagram, from organizing and educating about equality, social justice, and mental well-being to presenting new product drops to customers.


Instagram also cautioned in its blog post that its Link Stickers feature can be used to spread hate speech and misinformation, so as a preventive precaution, the company is denying access to the Link Sticker feature to Instagram accounts that violate its Community Guidelines. New accounts and accounts that consistently publish things like hate speech and misinformation, or other anything that violates our Community Guidelines, will not be able to use the Link sticker as part of Instagram’s continuous efforts to minimize harmful content, according to Instagram’s blog post.


How to add a Link Sticker to your Instagram story

  1. Capture or upload content to your story.


  1. In the top navigation bar, select the sticker tool.


  1. Add your selected link by tapping the “Link” sticker, then hit “Done.”


  1. Stick the sticker somewhere on your story.


  1. To see color variants, tap the sticker.



In addition to making its Link Stickers feature available to everyone, the Facebook-owned image and video sharing site said it is striving to improve it.

“We’re also working on ways to customize the sticker, so it’s clear what someone will see when they tap your link,” Instagram wrote on its blog post.


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