iOS 16.3 updates to add some more oomph to your iPhone  

This is a welcome piece of news for iPhone users. It has been confirmed that iOS 16.3 update for Apple iPhone users will be available next week. What is in store for you with the latest release? 

That it will bring some additional features and some delectable trappings to the iPhone is undeniable. With iOS, there also comes tagging, the iPADO.S 16.3, watch OS 9.3, and presumably tv OS 16.3t

As per the latest report, the iOS16.3 OS will bring a host of new features in comparison to iOS 16.2. Also, the update 16.3OS will pack in some more traits than just the lone feature of fixing bugs.

A teaser of the features available with iOS 16.3 OS include

  • New Home pod handoff prompt

This transfers music to HomePod

  • Emergency SOS settings 

These settings will be more candid.

  • Support for security keys for         

A feature that protects your account even further.

Some more delectable updates to your lovable iPhone 

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords for iOS users is another of the dreamy features and the same applies to Android users. You won’t need to remember jumbling passwords anymore.

You can see your saved Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone. 

Find and remove duplicate photos with a flick of a key. It is as simple as that.