Irigny. Blood donation, Wednesday 27 January, takes an hour to save lives!

“During this period of health crisis, citizens are strongly encouraged to mobilize more and more to donate blood. We need you over time and from time to time the need for blood products remains constant. Share your power, donate your blood! “. A call from the Association des Donneurs de Sang d’Irigny (ADSI) and the EFS that puts the safety of donors and their teams at the center of their concerns. Upon arrival, each donor will be wearing a mask and will be invited to respect barrier movements (” hand washing, social distancing, etc.).

Curfew: you are allowed to travel to donate blood after 6 pm on the basis of “assistance to vulnerable people” (Box 3) on the travel certificate. Continue to plan your donations and remember to fill out the exceptional travel certificate if your fundraising meeting (travel included) takes place under the gate association

Wednesday 27 January from 15:15 to 19:15 La Pastorale room at Champvillard Cultural Center, rue de Boutan. To register: