Kate Moss Celebrated the Book Launch While the Sister, Lottie Posted about Coke in Rehab

While Kate Moss celebrated the book launch by Fendi designer Kim Jones and Moss’ photographer boyfriend, Count Nikolai von Bismarck- her half-sister is in Arizona, in a rehab.

Lottie has been keeping herself busy by posting photos of her, mostly that are naked and mocking drugs on social media. 

She mouthed someone else’s words “I’ve got a really bad addiction to coke,” 

in a TikTok video that captioned: “When people ask why I’m in rehab.”

one of her posts says “When everyone’s glamorizing drooog taking but you’re literally in r3h4b.” The caption was misspelled on purpose to get away from the TikTok censors.

At 24, Lottie is as wild as Kate was. Here, we are talking about the woman who was once known as “Cocaine Kate”, when her picture with lines of the drug was exposed, and The Tank, for the number of vodka shots she could gulp down. 

According to a family member, Kate, 48 has fallen in and out of sympathy for Lottie. Kate, who is almost retired from modeling, has her Kate Moss Agency boasting the catwalk stars of tomorrow. Ironically, the roster does not include her own sister.

Lila, Kate’s 19-year-old daughter, and a successful model who has been signed with her mother’s agency have been having a difficult relationship with the family’s new black sheep.

“Lila won’t have anything to do with Lottie,” says a close friend of the women. 

Lila does not want to tarnish her growing popularity and her modeling career, since she is the new face of Fendi and has also modeled for Marc Jacobs.

On the contrary, Lottie has fallen to the lowest level of the modeling world. She began posting naked snaps on the subscription website Glow in 2021 and is now a stalwart of OnlyFans- even selling her underwear- much to the disappointment of her sister.

Lottie is the daughter of Peter Moss, a travel agent, and his second wife, Inger Solnordal. She was brought up in Haywards Heath, 35 miles south of London, where the family has a shop that sells vintage jewelry, clothes, food, and housewares. 


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