Kirstie Alley star of “Cheers” and “Look Who’s Talking” passes away at 71

Kirstie Alley, the iconic star of the popular TV series ‘Cheers’ and the runaway hit ‘Look Who’s Talking’ passed away on Monday. She was 71. She is left behind with her two children True and Lillie Parker. She died of cancer which was only recently diagnosed, as told by her children in a post on Twitter. Alley’s manager Donovan Daughtry confirmed the actor’s death in an email to The Associated Press.

Her children recounted that she was a doting mother and grandmother as much on screen as well in real life. Her movies encompass the hugely successful sitcom of a Boston bar which she starred in opposite Ted Dawson, after initially replacing Shelly Long. Her role was acclaimed with her winning an Emmy for the uproarious act in 1991. She was to fetch her second Emmy for playing the title role in the CBS TV offing “David’s Mother”. Her sitcom “Veronicas Closet” was played on TV from 1997 to 2000.

Her on-screen popularity sky-rocketed with the movie ‘Look Who’s Talking’. In this movie, she played the mother of a baby with a voice-over by Bruce Willis. She was retained in the sequel “Look Who’s Talking Too” in 1990. John Travolta, the costar in the film paid the actress a rich tribute on Instagram. He was quoted as saying that Kirstie was the most special relationship he had along with a photo. He also added that “I love you Kirstie. I know we will see each other again.” Her role isn’t the actress’ was a caricature of her authentic self over which the media and public lambasted. Lastly, she was seen in many reality shows including “Dancing with the Stars” She hailed from Wichita, Kansas, and attended Kansas State University before moving over to Los Angeles. Her initial foray into television was as a game contestant in “The Match Game” in 1979 and “Password” in 1980.

Her debut was with the film 1982: “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.”