L’Arbresle. Since Monday, the center can only vaccinate 30 people instead of 96 per day

In our January 27 issue, we suggested that a Covid-19 vaccination center had opened the Claude-Terrasse room on Monday, January 25. Rural made available to the Territorial Professional Health Community (CPTS), which provides vaccination.

Registrations were made via the Doctolib platform, by phone or email.

Two couples, a doctor and a nurse, from the region took responsibility for the candidates for vaccination every ten minutes.

Thirty-five people were vaccinated the first Monday afternoon; 96 people were to be vaccinated every following day, Tuesday to Friday. The center is open non-stop, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m .; the last two patients were treated at 16.50.

People who are to be vaccinated must present a certificate from the doctor treating them.

Displaced patients will be given priority

Many of the patients came from neighboring countries, and the Tarare and Villefranche centers were saturated with requests.

This Monday, contacted, the coordinator of the vaccination center from January 25 to 29, indicates, “420 people have been vaccinated”. But on Thursday 28 January she was informed that as of Monday 1 February “70% of the planned vaccinations must be reprogrammed due to lack of vaccine doses. We can only vaccinate 30 people a day”. And to continue: “We “Call people individually to reassure them. They will be a priority when the supply of vaccine doses to the centers becomes normal.”