Latest MET Office Weather Forecasts: Heatwave to Approach

Following London and the South East’s staggering temperatures in June, which witnessed temperatures rise as high as 35 degrees Celsius, the region is ready to face the scorching summer.

It has also been forecasted that the warmer weather will be taking place for a while as water enterprises are already issuing warnings over usage to aid the U.K. in tackling the hosepipe ban.

Is there a heatwave coming? Here’s the latest update from the MET office.

When is the next heatwave coming to the U.K.?

Temperatures in the U.K. have begun to rise, with London and other parts of the South East enjoying temperatures of 23- 26 degrees this week.

However, the Met Office has predicted a 10-day heatwave to arrive in mid-July, with England’s capital settling in the highest temperature. 

They’ve said: “High pressure builds from the southwest on Friday, which will come to define this period. Southern and eastern parts can expect the best of any fine and dry weather, light winds, and hot temperatures.

The rest of the U.K. would not be witnessing temperatures as high. For example, Manchester is expected to keep moderate at 21 degrees Celsius this coming weekend compared to London’s 27. 

Edinburgh is expected to see the same weather conditions as Manchester, whereas Wales will enjoy warm weather of about 25 degrees.