Law will be delivered as a priority next week

This authorization paves the way for an initial delivery of doses from Monday, for a volume of 5160 vials each containing 10 doses of vaccine, which is in addition to the weekly delivery of Pfizer vaccine.

The Ministry of Health wanted these additional doses to benefit the regions where the epidemic is most active. Law is a part of it, and the Lons Hospital Center, which manages vaccine stocks for the entire ward, will be delivered from this week, as will the CHRUs in Besançon and Dijon.

Minor restrictions

From a logistical point of view, the Moderna vaccine has less burdensome limitations than its two competitors, especially in terms of storage temperature (-20 ° C) and thawed shelf life (30 days), although these remain strong.

By the end of June, almost 8 million doses of the Moderna vaccine are expected.