LinkedIn’s dark mode is now available, how to enable it


LinkedIn launched dark mode globally on Monday, enabling its 774 million members to explore the business-oriented social network with white text on a dark theme. Dark Mode has a lot of advantages for the user, and it is primarily focused on improving eyesight and reducing eye strain. Furthermore, the light from the computer or smartphone screen would not overpower or be too strong for the user, which might assist keep them comfortable.


The Microsoft-owned social networking platform revealed its plans to release dark mode earlier this year, although work on the feature was also seen in 2019. LinkedIn joins the ranks of other tech giants that have adopted a dark theme, such as Facebook and Twitter. Google launched dark mode to desktop search last week.


LinkedIn stated its team developed a “thoughtful approach” to ensure that dark mode considered accessibility and inclusion, and that all of its users could benefit. The new dark mode feature meets accessibility standards, including color and contrast factors that help reduce eye strain and keep light sensitivities in mind. LinkedIn stated that it adjusted specific colors to meet or surpass color contrast ratios for enhanced text legibility and user interface controls, in order to accommodate the overall light to dark theme contrast.


How to enable dark mode on LinkedIn?

To enable dark mode is not a big task, although the options can be a little difficult to find if you aren’t a frequent LinkedIn user.


Step 1. First, navigate to settings, select the “Me” tab or the icon that looks like this at the top of your LinkedIn homepage


Step 2. Choose “Settings & Privacy” from the dropdown menu


Step 3. Choose “Account Preferences” and then “Display” from the left-side menu


Step 4. Look for “Change” and select “Dark Mode” from the drop-down menu. As an alternative, you can have it set to light or dark mode, depending on the device’s settings.


To change between dark and light modes on your LinkedIn app


Step 1. Tap your profile image, then Settings


Step 2. Navigate to the Account Preferences tab


Step 3. Under Display, tap Dark mode.




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