Loire. Renée, Solange, Jacques … To avoid nursing homes, they chose to live in a nursing home

What are the interests of the municipalities? Loire rapporteurs respond

Serge Percet, Mayor of Montrond-les-Bains: “Domitys a plus for our stores”

It has in its municipality the private residence “Le Parc Saint-Germain”, managed by the Domitys group. Located a few hundred meters from the city center, Montrond-les-Bains Castle and its thermal baths, the hotel offers twelve villas and 113 apartments from the studio to the T3.

For the mayor, it is a real resource for the municipality. First, it allows us to offer different types of housing to an older audience. In the city we also have an Ehpad, the residence Plénitude, a private accommodation for dependent elderly people. This Ehpad offers temporary accommodation with twenty places and kindergarten with ten places. “

And he continues: “With Domitys, we see people arriving from the Loire, even outside the department. This is a plus for our businesses that can benefit from it. There is also employment on site. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. The Alumni Club also benefits from this structure. “

Hervé Blanc, Mayor of Maclas: “Housing is a job for us”

It has an independent residence with 73 residential units in the city. It will be completely rebuilt to “bring it up to standards and create new meeting places”. Is this structure important for the municipality? “Yes, to support our elders for as long as possible,” the mayor announced. It is also important in our small rural communities, when it comes to employment. Here there are twelve man-years, or seventeen people. For our companies, the direct effect is less important. We offer 80 breakfasts and dinner meals in the package. Local producers can not offer as many meals. “At the demographic level, he explains:” This can be interesting, on the margin when we can change the stratum in relation to government subsidies. “

Martine Matrat, Mayor of Montverdun: “Seniorland creates little impact”

“I do not really see the impact of this private home on city life. By the way, it is called the village Seniorland, it is a village in the village. All the services that the residents need are available to them in this residence. So there are very few spin-offs both at the commercial and association level for our municipality. ”