Loire. The Solidarité Saint-Georges association donated 1850 euros to the AFM Téléthon

Did you organize a phone call this year?

“With today’s sanitary conditions, we were unable to set up the three-day activities we used to organize. We thought about it well, but we had to give up what was done earlier. “

What did you organize as a replacement?

“We held two events: a pizza sale in the city. We have had over 100 orders. We maintained the raffle that was usually done. The tickets were sold to officials and companies. It was 54 lots. The draw awarded the first prize (a gift card of 50 euros) to Jean-François Taillandier, the second jackpot, a raw ham went to Mr. Libercier. “

What is the result of this incident?

“It is far from being as good as previous years. We still gave a check for 1850 euros to AFM.”