Merchandise with Heroic Words of Zelensky, “I Need Ammunition, not a Ride” being Sold on Amazon

T-shirts with the Ukrainian President and his fearless “I need ammunition, not a ride” this rebuff to the US are selling on Amazon for 19.99 Euros. The t-shirt features the words of Zelensky and is symbolic of support to Ukraine. Amidst the Russia-Ukraine crisis, people are adopting various methods to show their support to Ukraine through shirts, flags, earrings, and they are being sold online. Different Etsy shops donate profits from pro-Ukraine merchandise to several organizations assisting the Russia-troubled country. Other groups like Red Cross are calling out for donations to help Ukraine amidst the severity.

The comedian turned politician is receiving applauds across the globe for his fearless attitude and speeches against Russia. Merchandise with this image and his words are being sold online, apart from the other items already being sold on Amazon, showing support to Ukraine. 

“I need ammunition, not a ride” was said in response to the US that offered to evacuate him amid suggestions that he could be targeted by Russian assassins. 

Small Etsy shop owners have also extended their support to Ukraine with various merchandise, donating the profit earned to help the country during the severe crisis. In addition, different other small Etsy shops also provide products that directly support multiple groups in Ukraine, such as the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Bank.

The other Ukraine-inspired merchandise available on Amazon includes t-shirts showing an amalgamation of the American and Ukrainian flags. 

Only Americans showed their support to the Ukrainians through the merchandise; the UK also showed its support on Amazon. Some of the items that exhibit support to Ukraine include hoodies and a classic British thing: A beer pint that retailed for about 15 euros. 

The other methods to donate to Ukraine include UNICEF, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UN Refugee Agency, and more. 

As the war rages, Western officials warn Ukraine of Russia’s nuclear power and deadly superweapon that can vaporize bodies and crush internal organs if their assault of Ukraine becomes bogged down tonight. There is a fear of Putin, who could resort to high-power thermobaric weapons, also known as “father of all weapons,” as the fearless Ukrainians resist Putin’s invasion under the leadership of the young politician, Zelensky.



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