Metropolis of Lyon. Bruno Bernard condemns the government’s “inconsistent” announcements

Reopening of cultural venues and restaurants postponed again Thursday night, strong criticism of the government’s vaccination strategy, extension of the curfew to 10 new departments: Bruno Bernard, environmental president of Lyon Metropolis, reacts after the press conference by Jean Castex. And is amazed at the management “at the sight” of the executive.

“Differentiated curfew every fourth morning”

Asked by Le Progrès, he said: “The arrival of the vaccine should be the good news at the beginning of the year. The government missed. But we must now help them and stand up.

By the way, I am concerned about the lack of judgment they show by announcing differentiated curfews every four mornings, hypothetical dates to consider openings of cultural sites that we hope but that we no longer dare to believe. . “

“An entire country is trying to adapt and adjust every three days to inconsistent public announcements and not always comprehensible health foundations.”

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