Metropolis of Lyon. The important forecast for the incident is committed, warns CCI

To date, the lack of visibility for entrepreneurs, large companies or small structures, is total and their morale is at its lowest. 55% of them say that the vital forecast for their company has been committed in six months “, emphasizes the president of CCI, Philippe Valentin, about 18,000 companies in the territory that are suffering. And to propose reopening March 31.

A reopening that is considered important

“We know how to do it”, defends for their part these companies experienced in flow management, as in safety, convinced to be able to implement health protocols that guarantee a level of safety “much higher than elsewhere. Currently welcomes a large number of audiences”. And to propose, “in collaboration with local communities and transport actors, the development of good practice aimed at increasing health safety upstream and downstream event venues”.

Pending this reopening, now considered important despite changes in activity, the CCI Lyon Métropole is asking the government to fully cover the companies’ exceptional measures taken for December, as well as the 4-month extension after effective resumption of existing aid.

Finally, it should be noted that the conference centers and exhibition centers offer host vaccination centers.