Satya Nadella’s, Zain Nadella Dies at 26

Microsoft Corp. informed Zain Nadella, son of Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, and his wife, Anu, died on Monday morning. Zain Nadella was 26 years old, and he was born with cerebral palsy and was a legally blind quadriplegic.

The news was informed by the software maker to its executive staff through an email that Zain was no more. The email that broke the news of his son’s passing away also requested the Microsoft family to give space and time to grieve their unfortunate incident. The email asked Nadella’s family to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

Ever since Nadella took over as the CEO, his end had frequent attempts to design products to serve users with disabilities, and he often talked about lessons he learned while raising his son, Zain. 

Last year, the Children’s Hospital, where Zain received much of his treatment, joined the Nadellas to establish Zain Nadella Endowed Chair in Pediatric Neurosciences as part of Seattle Children’s Center for Integrative Brain Research. 

Jeff Sperring, CEO of Children’s Hospital, wrote a message to his Board, also shared with the Microsoft Executives. The note said that Zain would be remembered for his eclectic taste in music, bright sunny smile, and the immense joy he had brought his family and those who loved him.


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