Microsoft Edge browser for Linux in beta-testing stage

Since the arrival of CEO Satya Nadella, who helped the company change direction and embrace the open-source culture to a large extent, Microsoft has come a long way.


The corporation that now owns GitHub is perhaps one of the most active open-source contributors.


Microsoft Edge, which was also rebuilt using Google’s popular Chromium browser engine, is now available in beta for Linux-based operating systems.


Although Microsoft Edge browser for Linux isn’t entirely new, and users have been able to download it on the Dev channel since last year, its beta release (to the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels) takes it one step closer to a full, stable release.


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Source: The Microsoft Edge Insider Channels site. (Microsoft)


For the past four months, we’ve been using Microsoft Edge on the Dev channel and haven’t encountered any performance or stability issues.


The beta version of Microsoft Edge browser for Linux has been pushed to the company’s public repository, so if you’re running a Linux distribution with an RPM or DEB-based package manager, you can install it right away.


If you already have a Dev channel build installed, you can install the browser with the apt install (or dnf install) command followed by the microsoft-edge-beta package name.


The beta version of Edge for Linux is currently at version 91, while the Dev channel update is at version 92.


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Instead of the weekly updates that are pushed to the Dev channel, users who download the beta version will get major updates every six weeks or so.


Even if you’re on the beta channel, you could still get updates on a regular basis if critical security patches are needed.


Linux users can now download the new beta build in DEB or RPM format from the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels site, after which their package manager can automatically update them.



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