Microsoft has unveiled a new PWA Hub design for Edge 96

Microsoft has unveiled a new design feature for Edge 96, which is currently only available in the Edge Browser’s Canary channel. XDA developers cited, the new Progressive Web Apps (PWA) portal is now being tested with a subset of Microsoft Edge Canary users, where users can manage the web apps they’ve installed on their PC.


The page considerably more user-friendly today, with everything being simpler and accessible. The apps you have installed are organised in a grid structure with bold icons to make them easier to identify and locate. Each app now has buttons with shortcuts to launch the app or read more information about it, as well as an ellipsis menu that allows you to pin an app to Start or the taskbar, as well as set the app to run when your PC boots up.


PWA Hub design for Edge 96
Source: Mircosoft


The report cites that these features aren’t new but the previous page didn’t make many of them obvious. You’d have to right-click an app to see any options other than starting or deleting it. Plus, if you’ve installed a lot of PWAs, you might have trouble finding it in the current list format. Overall, the new look of Microsoft Edge’s PWA hub is significantly more intuitive at first glance.


You can, however, switch to the list view if you find it more convenient. You can organise your apps in a number of ways, including alphabetically, by installation date, or by when they were last used. Previously, apps were shown in the order in which they were installed.


Another significant update is the addition of a details page for each app. Each app now has its own page, where you can find information about its permissions, shortcuts to the site’s cookies, and information about trackers. From this page, you can also pin the app, set it to auto-start, and uninstall it.


Another step in increasing PWA usage is to make them more manageable. Microsoft has been promoting PWAs for a few years now, and the company wants them to feel at ease on Windows.


The access to PWA hub may take a while to be availed to the public, you can however  download Microsoft Edge Canary if to wish to.


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