Microsoft Outlook Extension is now available for Google Chrome


Microsoft has recently made the official Microsoft Outlook extension available for Google Chrome users, after initially releasing only for its own browser.


This small tool allows you to access your personal accounts, read and write emails, receive notifications when a new item arrives in your inbox, and create, view, and manage meetings and tasks, as you might expect given that it’s an Outlook extension for a browser.

In other words, it’s a convenient method to access your Outlook account without having to have a separate tab open, and the UI is as clean and simple as it gets, as seen in screenshots shared by Leo Varela on Reddit.


Without having to open a new tab, you can send and receive email, manage your calendar, tasks, and more. Using an icon in the browser, the Microsoft Outlook browser extension gives you access to mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks. According to the new extension’s description, you may instantly access your Outlook work account,, or Hotmail account without moving to another tab or app. Although Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed the introduction of this extension for Google Chrome, the move makes sense, given that both Chrome and Microsoft Edge are built on the same engine.


The extension performs exactly as expected, and if you previously installed it on Microsoft Edge, you’ll notice that the experience is nearly same on Chrome. The process is as simple as it gets, and after you’ve set up your account, you can check your Outlook inbox by simply clicking the icon in the toolbar.


You get a notification whenever a new mail arrives in your inbox, and selecting it opens the message immediately, making reading new email much more convenient.


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