Monkeypox Cases Rising Across Europe; Germany to Give Quarantine Details & Roll out Vaccinations Soon

Monkeypox Cases Confirmed in MassachusettsAs a top adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO), the current monkeypox virus spread in Europe probably started at big dance parties in Belgium and Spain. According to the expert Dr. David Heymann, the virus is most likely to have infected the other person due to the sexual activity at the events. WHO says there are at least 90 cases of monkeypox in Europe, Australia, and North America.
The latest update from the Netherlands reveals that monkeypox has been found in 6 people. The news was announced by the Public Health and Environment on Monday. The organization confirmed the first monkeypox case in the Netherlands on Friday, and the second case was disclosed on the following day.
As per the analysis, so far, people infected with the virus are those men who have had sex with other men. Some of the men attended the Darklands Festival, held in Belgium, and have been recognized as a possible source of infection. The event took place in Antwerp from May 4 to May 9.
The organization highlighted that the virus does not only spread through sexual contact. The body observes new cases together with the Erasmus MC hospital in Rotterdam. The number of infected people is surging in the Netherlands. As per European Health Service, 85 monkeypox cases have been identified in the EU.
Germany announced the release of quarantine guidelines in another part of Europe after 3 cases were reported in the country. The government of Germany is assessing options for vaccinations, and Lauterbach, the German Health Minister, said he had recently spoken to a monkeypox vaccination manufacturer without giving any further details.
“Vaccination of the general population is not being discussed here. We are only considering whether we might have to make vaccination recommendations for particularly at-risk people,” he said.