Monsoon Storm Knocks Out Power to Thousands Across the Valley, Severe Weather Monday

Strong storms are rolling through parts of Pinal and Maricopa Counties Sunday night. Wind, dust, lightning, and heavy rain are expected for the community in the storm’s path.

Major Highlights:

  • Tens of thousands of people are without power, majorly near Apache Junction and Mesa
  • Eastbound US 60 flooded in Mesa at Val Vista

As per the reports, nearly 42,000 customers lost power after 8:30 PM as a massive monsoon storm hit the valley. Other utilities also reported outages, including the City of Mesa, which reported more than 3200 customers without power, and APS reported about 1300 without power in the Phoenix Metro area.

Mesa Police Department issued a warning “Please be cautious if you have to travel tonight. Due to the storms, they are several intersections in the city with down street lights, power lines, etc. try to stay inside if possible.”

Severe weather conditions are anticipated throughout the night and into Monday morning.