Morez. Vaccination began at Espace Lamartine

This Tuesday, February 2, the first vaccination session in Salle Forestier began in the presence of Pascal Laskowski, head of the main rescue center in Saint-Claude with responsibility for supervising the centers in Haut Jura.

Thirteen vials of Moderna vaccine were available. 130 people over the age of 75 are expected to be vaccinated this week. Jacqueline Laroche, social worker, confirms that “registrations have been very high from people from all over the sector with a waiting list provided”.

A forward system is in place to prevent people from passing each other. After going to the reception led by Edith Reverchon and Chloé Fumey from City Hall, people specifically had to fill out a questionnaire, take a preliminary medical interview with the doctor and then wait in the waiting area. This Tuesday, doctor Valloton and two nurses from Grandvaux Marie-Claire Fevrier and Séverine Bouzon were present on both lines to carry out this vaccination.

“It’s a relief to have been vaccinated”

Marguerite Danrez, 82, came from Longchaumois run by a neighbor. “It is a relief to have been vaccinated. We are concerned, this will allow the future to see my children and be more and more safe. “

After a check, the vaccinated leave with a paper with the dosage number, and the date of their second injection is scheduled for four weeks in early March.

The vaccination will continue on Thursday 4 February afternoon and Friday 5. February morning.