Mozilla rolling out Firefox 92 updates

Mozilla has begun pushing out Firefox 92.0 updates. The update is currently available to a limited number of users. It adds new features, fixes bugs, improves performance, and more.
Mozilla has updated its powerful open-source browser for desktop computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS devices. The Mozilla Firefox release includes several key security and feature enhancements.
So, the best way ahead for privacy-conscious Firefox browser users is to update to the current version as soon as possible to ensure they take advantage of these security enhancements.
Users can browse the web safely and securely with the new version 92 of Firefox for desktops. This enhances the browser’s security while surfing the internet. macOS users can use the native sharing menu from the Firefox File menu in the meanwhile. Also, macOS now supports ICC v4 color profiles for pictures.
Mozilla has also changed the bookmark toolbar menu on macOS and revamped the certificate error pages. The JavaScript engine has also been modified to increase performance. Aside from other security patches, customers will enjoy improved accessibility.

Firefox for Android

Firefox for android
If you use security keys like YubiKeys or other USB/Bluetooth-based security tokens on your smartphone, the Firefox browser for Android now supports them thanks to new WebAuthentication API support. Other browsers, such as Chrome, have supported this for a time, but it’s nice to see the browser finally support it.
Fixes for crashes when a user disconnects from their Mozilla account, as well as when switching to the settings after removing “Mozilla Studies,” will be available to users. The update also includes various security improvements for Firefox for Android.

Firefox for iOS

Firefox for iOS
After updating to version 37, users of Firefox for iOS will be able to manually add new accounts to the password manager. An option called “Clean Start” lets you start over if you haven’t used the browser for four hours or more. It does this by showing you the home page instead of your old tabs.
It also adds a home button to the toolbar for quick access to the home page. Users worried about their privacy will also enjoy improvements to the Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) menu, which now displays additional information about the security of websites visited. This menu can be accessed by selecting the lock icon in the browser.
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