MultiVersus Beta Launches, Here’s How to Get Early Access

MultiVersus, the first video game to notice that Shaggy, from Scooby-Doo and Superman, from Superman, could probably throw down, is almost upon us. This signifies that there’s an open beta you can get in on since it is a fighting game with online multiplayer.

The full launch of MultiVersus open beta is still one week away, however, players can get a head start on the game starting Tuesday. Early access MultiVersus beta launch today. And is likely to remain accessible through the full release of the game.

There are various methods that players can use to unlock early access. Here is everything prospective players need to know about how they can start playing MultiVersus right now.

The first is to purchase the MultiVersus Founder’s pack, which will allow instant access to the beta in addition to immediate character and locks, the premium currency, and other premium items for the free-to-play game. The other method is to achieve a code by seeing streamers playing with twitch drops enabled. Moreover, players who participated in the previous MultiVersus closed alpha will have early access to the beta starting today.

The open beta is available on PlayStation four, PlayStation five, Xbox series X, Xbox One, and Windows PC with cross-play cross-progression support across all platforms. A full release date is currently TBD, but owning your friend with sick bugs bunny air combos is just as valid in beta as it is in 1.0