Nursing home residents will be vaccinated this week

The implementation of the vaccine against Covid-19 has not been easy. Nurse Franck Di Palma will work with doctor Yves Braye to vaccinate all the people who wanted it.

The long collection of consent

Consent from residents made the challenge more difficult. Since December, the management of the Sainte-Sigolène and Saint-Pal-de-Mons nursing homes has shown pedagogy to inform residents and families about the future vaccination campaign.

“It was a long enough job to make a list of residents who want to be vaccinated and then order the necessary doses,” note those responsible for this logistics. The vaccines are not stored in the companies, they will leave CHU in Puy-en-Velay the same day.

Get denied. In Sainte-Sigolène, 51 out of 92 residents agreed to be vaccinated, or more than 50%. The rejections, because there are some, came from families who have to decide instead of residents who no longer have their judicial profession.

As for the staff in the establishment, there are only four volunteers, yet the director Lucien Faverge, the doctor Yves Braye and the president of the association René Durieu will also be vaccinated.

At the Saint-Régis nursing home in Saint-Pal-de-Mons, 14 of the 20 residents will be vaccinated, as well as two employees.

A new injection will be required according to the recommendations of the Regional Health Agency to administer it 21 days later.