NWS: 2 Tornadoes Confirmed in Tuscola Co. Monday

A National Weather Service Survey team has disclosed that two short-lived tornadoes touch down Monday in Tuscola County’s Thumb region, downing trees and shearing off tree limbs.

No damage has been reported with these tiny twisters. The highest speed of the strongest tornado which was confirmed to have touched down near Vassar just before 2 PM was estimated to be traveling at 80 mph for just over two miles, said the news agency. The second tornado, near Caro, touched down at about 2:15 PM and reached the speed of 75 mph while it was on the ground for about half a mile.

Both Tornadoes were rated EF-0, which means they were the weakest kind of tornadoes on the rating scale.

“We have confirmed two tornadoes touched down in Tuscola County yesterday afternoon,” said meteorologists from the NWS Detroit/Pontiac office. “These were weak & brief tornadoes derived from the same thunderstorm that resulted in tree damage.”