Patriots gather this Friday “against corona foil”

Since the end of November, they have met several times in front of the Rhône prefecture. Activists and supporters of Florian Philippot’s party, the Patriots, will gather in the same place again, this Friday, January 8 at 6 p.m.

“It breaks our lifestyle”

It is for them to echo a national demonstration organized this Saturday, January 9, in front of the Ministry of Health in Paris by their party against what he calls “health habits”.

For Philippe Drobniak, Les Patriotes in the Rhône, it is not a question of fighting the disease, but “the exploitation made of it.” “It is about to break our lifestyle, to do extreme damage to our economy, professions are damaged “We see more and more measures against freedoms. Yes, it is a virus, yes we must take this disease seriously, but it must not be used as a pretext to violate our freedoms,” he insists.

Competition to wear a mask

The party also opposes the idea of ​​a health pass, opposes the use of masks on the street or at school for children.