Pays de Montbéliard | Covid-19. Members of En Marche du Doubs and Haute-Saône want a local vaccination committee

The context, above all. In a region that is among the most affected in France, Nord-Franche-Comté is in an even more delicate health situation. This encouraged first and foremost Frédéric Barbier and Denis Sommer, LREM deputies from Doubs, through a letter also signed by their fellow Haut-Saônois Barbara Bessot-Ballot and Christophe Lejeune walkers, to challenge the Prime Minister. The goal: to ask Jean Castex about the cause of a territory among the most industrialized in France, and which “could not again withstand total containment”.

The idea: “That the inhabitants can have priority in the vaccination campaign which has just opened and which must be massive” and whose weak beginnings caused controversy. But the two parliamentarians go even further. Since they are now calling for the “immediate establishment of an organization and monitoring committee for vaccination in the country of Montbéliard”. In other words, on the principle that prevails at the highest summit in the state, a form of decentralized defense council as close to the ground as possible.

“From the moment we have assurance that vaccine deliveries will begin, we must organize, especially within one of the most affected sectors, and coordinate through a reference body. proximity ”, sums up Frédéric Barbier.

Which body, under the leadership of the sub-prefect of Montbéliard, will gather the mayor of Montbéliard, where a vaccination center will be set up in the coming days, the president of the agglomeration, representatives of the regional health agency, Nord Franche-Comté hospital where five thousand doses were received, Council of the Order of Physicians, firefighters, army, police, gendarmerie …

A committee, according to a model that can be duplicated elsewhere, with particular responsibility for defining, as closely as possible, and at least weekly, the chosen indicators, priorities, questions … “To achieve this”, MPs ask a letter addressed to Prefect Doubs, not without also informing the Elysee, “we must be able to mobilize all resource persons, including retired doctors, health reservists …”

The call for Switzerland to vaccinate cross-border workers

And as the parliamentary offensive on the health front is meant to be global, they also called on the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, on the one hand, to make him aware of the need for homogenisation, given the interaction between France and Switzerland. characterized by a double occurrence of Doubs. And on the other hand, the idea of ​​”encouraging” the Swiss Confederation to prioritize and free vaccination to French border workers, especially affected when Switzerland, to protect itself, decided to close the borders during the first wave of the epidemic.