Persistent bridges the gap with Microsoft Systems to accelerate growth through increased employee productivity.

Persistent Computers is forging a new alliance with Microsoft Viva to strengthen its employee relations. It also evinced a need to corroborate with the employees to radically improve the employee experience. The underscored theme is that employees are the most undervalued assets of the company.

The company says that they will be pulled up a notch and their contribution to the company will be shored up to match the upcoming trend of meeting diverse customer needs. Persistent is becoming known as a firm with technological prowess that is leveraging its arms to usher in the next phase of growth.

This will come into play with the Microsoft stack that it is investing in to rev up growth and enhance client setups. The Viva platform will engage with employee needs and nudge them to be given the tools they need to be successful. Persistent continues to innovate in step with Microsoft Azure, using its cloud data lake to expand its go-to-market offering.

As a consistent ITES 360 and Gold competency associate and cloud service provider, these investments will result in the Microsoft business unit catching up with cloud-based products and revealing greater business opportunities across the industry spectrum.