planned vaccines at the Tavaux nursing home

The Tavaux nursing home has never had to apologize for a case of Covid-19 and was able to preserve its invincibility to the virus with the planned vaccination campaign. Thierry Boiteux, the director and Alexia Garnier, the nurse coordinator, have been preparing the residents since Monday 11 January through advance information.

One hundred people involved

“These agreements will continue until the 18th, eventually obtaining the consent of the residents of the attending physicians or the coordinating physician, who may have contact with the attending physicians,” explains Thierry Boiteux.

If the doctor considers that the person can give informed consent, the resident’s decision will be made. However, if the physician considers that the person is unable to give informed consent, the trusted person designated by the resident will be contacted by the physician. It is his opinion that will be retained on the decision whether or not to practice the vaccination. In total, around a hundred people are concerned and will be summoned to Alexia Garnier’s office, furnished as a vaccination room.

“We are preparing this room, as well as another adjoining room, to see, in the presence of the doctor, after twenty minutes, that everything is in order after the injection. “

The director recalls that it is possible at any time to change his mind to give up or accept the vaccine, and that although the vaccination represents a hope to regain freedom, it is still too early today to consider, in short in the end to resume a normal visit of the business.