Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade Passes Away Fighting Cancer

Popular Minecraft Youtube Technoblade passed away after a prolonged battle with stage four cancer.

Last year, Technoblade disclosed his cancer diagnosis to fans, resulting in the famous Minecraft Youtuber stepping away from the spotlight as he had to undergo chemotherapy. After a year-long battle, the Minecraft community has lost one of the game’s most renowned content creators after Technoblade’s father revealed the news in a final YouTube video titled, “so long nerds.”

The beginning of heartbreaking news begins with the content creator Floof, Dog, walking into the frame of an all-white backdrop. Technoblade’s father then disclosed the final message that the content creator gave before passing away.

In his final message, Technoblade revealed that his real name is Alex and that Dave has been an ongoing prank that originated from a deleted video from 2016. Throughout the message, Technoblade kept it lively and talked about his siblings before thanking his fans.

One message at the end of the YouTube video from Technoblade’s mother is seen where she thanked the Technoblade family and said that he loved and adored his fans and colleagues.

Technoblade was known for his Minecraft content. He garnered millions of fans across his various social media platforms, where he would be greatly missed.