Post-Overnight Storms, Houston to Experience Rainfall; Stormy Weather Forecasted in Athens, Georgia, and Nebraska

There is a chance of heavy rain and thunderstorm in the forecast for the rest of the day today.

Today and tonight, severe weather conditions have been announced for the North and Central Georgia portions. 

Isolated to scattered thunderstorms have been forecasted through this evening. However, some storms could be vital to severe and can produce brisk winds, offering heavy rainfall and frequent lightning. 

From Tuesday through Sunday, there is a probability of thunderstorms every day from Tuesday till Friday. Some of the storms can be strong and capable of producing severe gusty winds, heavy rainfall, and frequent lightning. 

In the other news, a booming thunder moved through the Houston area early this morning, marking the onset of a rainy pattern across the Houston area. Cooler temperatures seem to reside now. There has been no sign of severe rainfall. On the contrary, beneficial rains have been reported. There has been a drop of 10-12 degrees drop of temperatures. 

Cloud cover can be forecasted throughout the day with heavy rainfall. Not just the afternoon, but Tuesday and Wednesday are also likely to see heavy showers. 

Sunday morning reported big bursts of lightning, which varied from 500 to 1000 strikes, and gusty winds ranging more than 40 mph. 41 mph was the strongest wind recorded in Tomball, 43 mph for Sugarland, and the island witnessed a gust at 55 mph. 

Drought-hit areas are likely to benefit from the changing weather. Scattered rainfall is expected Sunday afternoon. Conroe is expected to witness maximum rain. Monday is projected to experience moderate rain. Tuesday is expected to see more significant storms, with Wednesday and Thursday experiencing another round of storms. Continuous rainfall is expected throughout the week, which will improve the drought conditions.