RadioShack will now Sell Cryptos and now Electronics!

The recent tweet by RadioShack, “If you find a squirter, marry her,” went viral. A century-old electronics seller has been highlighted for its edgy Twitter posts. The tweet received various reactions on the internet and got many replies and shares on the platform.

However, this time, it was for a different cause. 

The electronic goods provider was acquired by Retail Ecommerce Ventures LLC. This Miami-based organization is led by Executive Chairman Tai Lopez and Chief Executive Alex Mehr. 

RadioShack is a Crypto company. 

The website display says, “Think you know crypto? YOU DON’T KNOW SHACK.”

RadioShack has joined the Crypto bandwagon and launched Radio Shack Swap, its very own crypto exchange. It has also found its own Crypto token named $RADIO.

As of now, $RADIO is trading at a penny. It has fallen to two-thirds of its pre-crash value because of the crypto Crash.

RadioShack’s website offers electronic goods for sale. However, the home page proudly offers its crypto offerings. It says that RadioShack Swap is LIVE now since it has become the latest entity to pivot to crypto.

Its objective is to become the first protocol, bridge the gap between Crypto and Blockchain, and go for mainstream adoption and usage by more prominent brands. RadioShack also launched an NFT collection under a new Defi Protocol and is on its way to driving mass adoption even to the most skeptical Crypto consumer.