Reddit is working on an audio chat feature similar to Clubhouse

With famous businesses embracing the audio chat room model, Clubhouse is the next TikTok. Reddit is the most recent to join, with reports that it is working on a Clubhouse-style voice chat feature with a moderator. Given how every other prominent social media company has entered the race, it won’t be shocking to see Reddit develop a similar feature.


According to Mashable, work on this feature is still in its early stages, and it’s being kept under wraps for the time being. The company has yet to say whether it is testing this feature. Members of Reddit’s power-ups program are required to get access to this audio chat room feature. Subredditors who join this program gain access to additional Subreddit functions. There isn’t much information about the feature yet, except that it will be voice chats moderated by a moderator, close to Clubhouse. It’s unclear when the feature will become official due to the lack of official confirmation.


In the past, Reddit has experimented with various features. Reddit began testing the ‘Start Chatting’ prompt in April of last year, allowing users on select Subreddits to hold community conversations with up to five members. It’s possible that the latest functionality would be similar to this, but with the addition of audio chat. Reddit’s Subreddits that are community-based will benefit from a Clubhouse-style audio chat room function.


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The audio chat room craze started by Clubhouse has now spread to Reddit. Twitter also has Spaces, and Facebook is working on audio chat rooms as well. LinkedIn is rumored to be working on a Clubhouse-style feature, while Discord already has one.